Adult Tennis

DVTA Adult programs are designed with you in mind. That’s why we offer a variety of classes at times when they are most convenient for you. With flexible scheduling options, a 10-Package program, and organized and well educated staff, we are sure to have a program that suits your needs. If not, let us know and we will make one…it’s just that simple.

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Sunday Fun Day

Class begins with a brief warm-up, followed by fast-paced point play. This is a fun group activity for tennis players of 3.0 level and above for general fitness enthusiasts looking for a new way to train! If you want to wake up, sweat a lot, hit lots of tennis balls, burn calories with an aerobic workout, build strength, meet some nice tennis friends, and have an upbeat fun time then Sunday Fun Day is for you! For more information CLICK HERE.


DVTA Clinics and Drills begin with a warm-up, followed by an introduction of the general class focus. This focus is then reinforced throughout the course of the class through drills, live points, and point play. For more information about Clinics and Drills at DVTA CLICK HERE.


DVTA (1.5) hour matches are organized according to level. The inexpensive cost of match play is a great way to meet new tennis friends. At the end of each event, DVTA Coaches will record your final scores and enter them into the DVTA TenCap database so you can keep track of your progress. To learn more about Match play at DVTA CLICK HERE.

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