Cardio Style Tennis

Class Details

Sunday Fun Day and Tuesday HIT are cardio-based tennis clinics. The class begins with a tennis drill warm-up, and then point play and the anaerobic workout begins. This is a fun group activity for tennis players of all levels, or for general fitness enthusiasts looking for a new way to train!  If you want to wake up, sweat a lot, hit lots of tennis balls, have a calorie-burning aerobic workout, meet some nice tennis friends, and have a general upbeat fun time then this activity is for you!

  • Sunday Fun Day: Sundays, 11:30-1:00
  • Tuesday Cardio HIT: Evenings 7:00-8:30 pm (3.5-4.0 Level)

Class Benefits

A good tennis cardiovascular workout helps to strengthen your heart, burn calories and increase stamina over time. For those who are looking to intensify the cardio tennis workout, we offer private Cardio group classes. At DVTA, the goal of Cardio class is to create a counteraction between short, high intensity movements, agility ladders, jump ropes and battle ropes and sustained cardio activity through tennis based activities such as drills and rallies. This increases fat burn, meaning you’ll make huge strength gains without bulking up or loosing mobility. To learn more, or sign up for a private group Cardio class please email

Can I do Tennis with Cardio?

The best part about Cardio is that everyone can benefit from it, but you will need to be a 3.0 level player and better to qualify. During each class, you will rally back and forth across the net with whatever technique you have. If you want to brush-up on your technique, a few of DVTA classes can help. Ultimately, this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the world of tennis and get an intense workout at the same time; all without ever setting foot inside of a gym.

Can Tennis Cardio help me improve in tennis?

Yes, through the repetition one experiences in Cardio where one hits multiple balls in a one-hour and a half program. You can work on your technique because you will hit many balls.

How do I sign up?

One can create a profile online or if you already have one, you can sign up online by asking the office to activate your profile: Click the appropriate box below.We accept: Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover card as payment as it is required during the time of your reservation. Pre-Registration is always sugguested as court space and accomadations are limited.


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